Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Newest Creation ----- Begun in a Half-Asleep Mind

I mentioned in a previous post that I had a vision of a necklace, after my last shopping trip to a bead and gem show. I picked up this cute metal piece - antiqued gold with teal cabochons and flowers. I was just waking up one morning, and in that moment between wake and sleep, when you're kind of dreaming but seem to have control over your dream, I started to put together a necklace in my mind. I saw that teal piece surrounded by little flowers, as if sitting in the middle of a colorful garden. And I just knew that even though I was busy with other things, I just had to sit down and see if I could put this together. I felt driven! So I did, and I finally picked up my camera the other day and took a quick picture of it. I still need to do a proper photo shoot with it later, and can't wait to get some better shots. But for now, here you have it:

After making this one, I really think it would be nice to create another version of the flower garden necklace. Likely in another color scheme, but yes, I do think I will have to make another. It takes a really, REALLY long time to attach each flower to the strand, but it's very worth it. I hope you enjoy, and that the idea of wearing a flower garden is just what you need in this time when the leaves are all falling off the trees and it's getting cold out there.

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