Sunday, October 4, 2009

Family and 1st Birthdays

This weekend was a work around the house and spend time with family weekend. My niece turned one this weekend, and my husband and I went to her birthday party. I just had to share, because she's so cute!

{That classic moment of the 1st cake, smeared everywhere}

{Always aware of a camera; and instant cheese!}

{"Holy crap, It's my birthday!!!"}

It was a fun day with family, and a nice break from business as usual. Next weekend, I'm planning to go to a bead expo. I made money at an art fair last weekend, and it's time to spend a little of that on some fun new supplies. I love bead expos, when a bunch of stores come together in one spot and save you the trouble of driving all around. Anyone in the Michigan/Indiana area might want to stop by Grand Rapids next weekend for this one:

West Michigan Bead Expo

Happy Beading!!!

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