Hey there! I am a jewelry designer with a full time job on the side. I'm not gonna lie - having a full time job is a bit of a killjoy. I have too many interests to be contained 40 hours each week! I enjoy style, bright colors, fabulous jewelry, making a statement and having fun. I love unique things; something handmade. That's why I do what I do. 

My full-time job is that of a school psychologist. Working with kids, helping teachers and advising parents.  I also work as a pilates instructor. I have a cozy little studio in my home and teach a few classes a week. I am a jewelry designer as well.  I have an Etsy shop and do a few local art fairs throughout the year. Finally, I keep this tiny little blog running, which documents a little bit of my other passions. I'm working on my photography skills, I'm a color fanatic, I love practical, every-day fashion, and I try to blend that all together with living in the mid-west where too much style turns you into a sore thumb!

Spreading yourself as thin as I do pretty much guarantees that you are not an expert at anything! I know tiny bits and make up the rest as I go! My style may not be for everyone, or the way they do it on the runways, but I gotta live it the real world, here! 

I'm happy you've come to visit and hope we can get to know each other. So hang out, have a laugh, and let me know how you're doing it! 

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