Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ok, I may have been paranoid...

So, last week I posted that I thought someone from In Style magazine might be spying on me from a tree in my backyard. You can see why right here.  Turns out, I may have been just a *bit* off. I was waiting in line at the grocery store when I saw the magazine, sitting right there. Since the person in front of me was clearly buying enough to fill a walk-in freezer, I had some reading time on my hands. So I'm flipping away and I see this...
(photo credit is me, looking like a loony in the check-out line)

It's that same ad!! I guess if they don't know your name at Zappos, they just call you "dollface". OK... 

So, the fact that they got my hair right (and my rockin' bod, of course) is a total coincidence. But I'm still going to keep closing my blinds when I change clothes. You can never be too safe.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who Needs Black???

Seriously, when there are so many gorgeous shades on the color wheel, who needs basic black? I would much rather be stunning in red than slimmer in boring black any day!

photo from Anthropologie

The hardest thing is, for me, living in a *somewhat* small town... finding stylish pieces can be tough. If you want to see sad, you should see the crap they fill our department stores with!! Big city folk would never be given such garbage. But, I digress...

The question I would ask is; would you do it? Wear this much red???

Count me in! Now if I could just find some color in the stores around here...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bold is way better than wimpy

I'm a huge fan of color. Big, rich, bright or loud. Sometimes I may take it too far. But, I'm totally psyched to see that "fashion" is agreeing with me this autumn.

My fashion sense is, do what you want and wait for others to agree that you're fabulous!

This picture from In Style magazine this month is a great example. I want those wine-colored pants!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Best Fashion Intentions

Personal style versus professional dress. It's something that I go back and forth on. How much of my personal style to I let into my work wardrobe??? Or do I go with basics and keep it professional?

As a lover of style, I can't help but let my personal style be out there! My brain says A nice skirt and pumps would really look professional, but my hands grab the wide leg trousers and flowy cardigan every time!

I love you, cardigans!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It'll take how long???

I wonder sometimes if I'm the only person who does some of the things I do. My husband would be the first person to tell you that I have no patience. None. I jump into doing things unprepared all the time. And waiting for's a slow, simmering rage.

Drying my hair, all the way, KILLS me. Many days, I'll just go out with wet or half-wet hair. I've started washing my hair at night and living with the sleepy hair bumps, rather than blow it dry.

A few years back, you could find me with the dryer, siting on the closed toilet seat, with a book in my lap. Now, technology makes my multi-tasking even easier! So now, I read blogs. If I'm stupid enough to be stuck with wet hair before dinner...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My magazine is spying on me

I was flipping through my In Style magazine the other day, when I ran across this ad.

Ok, seriously, how well can a magazine know a girl??? They know my name AND that I love to go shopping!?! Hell, they even got my hair color right.

Impressive. In Style, get out of my backyard and stop peeking through my window!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Little bits of happy

A cubicle can be a pretty sad place. I try to find little ways to brighten it up. A tissue box. It's not much. But a little color can go a long way in a drab nook.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Home Sick

I stayed home sick from work today.

The sad thing is that I'm feeling crappy enough to not really be able to get anything done. 

I wish I could just have a "well" day every once in a while. Then, I would actually enjoy the day off and have have some fun! Well, maybe at least be a little productive. 

Custom orders are still lined up here at the studio. I have time, but not energy.  

And tomorrow I'll probably force myself to go to work, cause 2 days in a row just can't happen!