Sunday, April 4, 2010

House Hunting Blues

I'm a public school employee, a couple of days into my spring break. I must say, I've never needed a week off so badly! {Although, I probably say that every year...}

A couple of days ago, my husband and I accepted an offer on our house. We're going through the process now of inspections and waiting for the closing date. It's an exciting but stressful process. So now, we're house hunting, driving around town, going into houses, and finding some interesting things out there! Some houses are ones that we've seen in our neighborhood, and we have so much fun finally getting to see the insides.

Have you ever seen a shower just off the kitchen? 

Or, have you ever seen such an interesting bathroom?

What about this for a view out your backdoor?

We have lots of decisions to make! But for now, back in my own backyard, this little squirrel says "Happy Easter"!