Friday, October 23, 2009

Dreams Run Amuck

I love my new flower garden necklace. I mean, I really love it. I heart it. I have decided that it should have a sister. Another necklace to keep her company while I'm at work all day, away from my crafting space. Not a twin, of course. But a baby sister.

My flower garden necklace started with one little piece, bought at a recent bead show.
I then added some flowers, putting together glass, acrylic and crystals, in little bundles. Those flowers were strung with other beads, including teal and black crystals. I ended up with a final necklace that is bold and quite a statement.
{Can you even find that teal focal piece? It's in there!}
 So, I've decided, on my next creation, to change up the colors... from rich and velvety teal and dark shades, to light and airy pinks and oranges. I've picked some lovely glass and crystal pieces that should go together nicely.
Then I started making flowers. Just a big pile of flowers, to be put together into a design. I actually built my flowers the other night, while sitting at my parents' house watching TV and eating Chinese food. {They always know what I'm up to when I bring my big bag with me to dinner!} Here are a few of those little flowers:

So now, I just have to decide on the final design and put it together. I just can't wait to see how all of my little flowers look when it's done! I still have to decide if I should add a focal piece, or just have a strand of flowers. What do you think?

{Special Note: I'm very excited to be going to my first EVER jewelry making class this weekend! Frighteningly, I'm purely self-taught, which means my areas of skill looks a bit like a piece of swiss cheese. I know what I know, and am scary-bad at what I don't! So I found a class on something that I'm HORRIBLE at - wire wrapping. I'm really looking forward to getting over the mental block that I have with this skill, and improving my skills past the levels of a 3rd grader.} I'll post ALL about how it goes soon!

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