Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Love...Shopping on Etsy

Spending my days either in my chilly office cubicle, or in my even chillier home, I have come to feel that my life will not be complete without a pair of fingerless gloves! I can barely string beads anymore, my fingers are so cold! So, off to Etsy I went, searching for a solution to my freezing cold hands. I found some really cute options out there on Etsy. Here's just a few of the kitters/sewers that have great creations for our seasonally adjusting arms:

Little Pistachio Cashmere Armwarmers
by clfbyclairelafaye

by bijouxboutique

by Nikifashion

by miabaggali

So with the weather turning colder, I'm looking for inspiration in the fall colors and little things meant to help us stay comfortable and warm. Thanks to all those Etsy sellers who are creating such cute and tempting choices!

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