Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cause a House needs Style too!

I've been feeling a creative bug lately. Now, I do make jewelry and sell on Etsy... but sometimes I just feel like trying something new and different. I've never been a crafty person, and have very few skills of the crafty variety. But, I've found some cool ideas and think that maybe...just MAYBE... I could pull some of these off. Here's some that I may be trying soon:

This is made with crayons. CRAYONS. And a hair dryer. I'm on it!!!

Fabric flowers. Cute buttons. Maybe some hot glue, 'cause my sewing skills are non-existent.

I love wine. Wine deserves it's own special space in a house. We have this antique piece of furniture that I think, maybe, could be turned into something *much smaller* like this. The question is - to paint it, or to leave it as unpainted wood.


  1. I love that crayon thing! I love paintings with texture. My mother didn't hug me enough as a kid or something. Also love the wine thing... though that much wine never has the time to accumulate around here...

  2. Amy, our house is just the same. We'd have to stop drinking wine for a while to build up our collection, and I just don't see that happening!

  3. I like so much your blog. check out mine and if you like follow me.

  4. LOVED the fabric flowers!! they are so cute!! great post and blog :))

  5. Hi Hilary, and thanks for stopping by!! If I can pull it off, hopefully I'll be posting pictures of my attempts at making fabric flowers :)


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