Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You know those days when you just stare into your closet??

Some days I wake up, open the closet door, and stare blankly at my wardrobe. For like, 7 minutes. On really bad days I might sit down while staring.

Those are the days when I need some help. My brain is still asleep and creating an outfit seems as hard as advanced calculus.  So, I've come up with a bit of an {inspiration board}. Because if I'm going to stare at the wall, at least I can stare at something that might speak back to me!

This cork board leans up against one wall of my closet, tucked behind the hangers of shirts. When I see an outfit that is put together well, or utilizes an accessory in a way that I want to remember, or a color combo that I love, I tear it out and save it. Most of my pictures come from In Style magazine or favorite catalouges. {Anthropologie, anyone???}

This can sometimes be enough to break me out of my rut when getting dressed for work each day. As long as it gets me off the floor, I'm satisfied.

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