Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finding Treasures at the 4-H Fairground

There was a gem and rock show at my local 4-H fairgrounds this weekend. It tends to be full of rocks, geodes, and many senior citizens - but if you look hard, you'll find a couple of tables that sell beads. So, I went, and I shopped! I found some beatiful beads...

Such pretty jade, and I think the yellow strand might be dyed coral. I thought I had asked the seller about each strand I picked out, but got home and realized that I missed this one! Crap!!!

Amber... I couldn't decide if I preferred the lighter or darker amber, so I got both!

I picked up a few strands of crystals. It wasn't until I was looking through my stash that I realized...I picked up the same color of crystals from two different vendors! Looks like I love that teal color. I guess it's time for me to start broadening my color palliate.

So this is just a few of my new things...I love getting new beads. It can help inspire me to come up with new designs when my creativity might be slipping. I already have a couple of ideas floating around in my head.


  1. I love the different variations of crystal beads. That will make a beautiful piece.

  2. Petergaye ~ Thanks! I know I'm excited to use them, too.


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