Friday, August 28, 2009

Projects and Half-Baked Ideas

So I have already incorporated the lovely grey Czech crystals that I got a few days ago. I started making little flowers like this:

Then I stopped working, because I realized that I have no idea what I'm making!!! Are they earrings?? No... Maybe charms for a bracelet?? Maybe... I think I'm starting to lean toward some kind of necklace...

Another project that I'm working on began with a very sad event. A friend of mine lost her niece just a few weeks before she was due to be born. She ordered custom gifts from me for the family, to give them keepsakes for the baby's funeral. I made bracelets for the baby, the mother, and a 2 year old daughter that they have. Because I was trying to turn it around fast, before the funeral, I never got any pictures of them. But they were beautiful - simple freshwater pearls with a single pewter cross charm by the clasp.

Here are some of the small cross charms that I've found for my project. My friend has already ordered custom bracelet sets (mother/daughter) for two upcoming baby showers. I'm hoping to get them done this weekend! I'll make sure to snap some pictures of them before they leave me. There's nothing cuter than a bracelet made for a newborn.

The last part of my project for my friend's family is a little something for the men of the family. I picked up these bookmark stick thingies yesterday. The big one is for the father, while the little one is for their two year old boy. They have holes in the end, where I plan to attach a cross, and maybe a single freshwater pearl.

It looks like I have a pretty full weekend ahead of me. I need to be pretty productive. Not to mention that I'm planning on going to a lovely wine-tasting even Saturday night with some friends. So, wine and jewelry making, mixed? I don't know...last time I tried that I ended up with a big container full of seed beads spilled all over my carpet!!!

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