Sunday, March 28, 2010

New, Green and still Chilly

I took a walk around my yard this week, and found signs of the season changing. Living in the midwest, it seems like winter will never end sometimes. Just when you're feeling like you'll never know what warmth feels like again, you start to notice things coming up. Just look what I found in my backyard.

They are coming up, even surrounded by the old and dead plants of last year.
They all look like they are trying so hard!
Buds on some bushes, and full-blown flowers in a corner by the front of the house.
A little tree will soon be covered in white flowers.
And then there's the proof that squirrels are out, searching and digging for those pesky little acorns. Where did I put that nut?
See what I came out to find one morning in my backyard??? What a mess!


  1. I Love all the new green! My little blue flowers haven't flowered yet.

  2. Just wait, Celtic Cat. I bet they're sure to bloom soon!


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