Sunday, January 24, 2010

Special Day, Special Order

A couple of months ago, I received an email from a girl I knew growing up, named Katie. She was getting married in January, and had purchased a Nicky Butler moonstone necklace. After deciding that she liked it and wanted enough for her bridesmaids, she discovered that they were sold out!
So, she emailed me {knowing that I made jewelry because of my Facebook page} to see if I could make some more necklaces, using moonstones, to coordinate with the one she had. So I found some moonstones that were the same size and started on my project.

I was very excited when I found an Etsy seller, Unkamen Supplies, who had a set of 5 matching sterling silver clasps. That was exactly how many necklaces I would be making, so it was a perfect find.
I bought multiple strands of 4mm moonstones. Each bridesmaid would actually have a different dress style, so it made sense for each of them to have a different necklace. Since one girl would be wearing a V-neck dress, the bride thought that a pendant would go well with her neckline. So I found a lovely moonstone drop, wrapped it, and hung it from a sterling silver chain.
As I worked on the necklaces, I was asked if I could also make earrings. I picked up a few sterling silver ear wires from my local beading shop for that. The hardest part was making each set of earrings unique. But I really wanted to do that, since each necklace would be a bit different.
So each necklace was paired with a pair of earrings. Now, there was also a flower girl in the wedding. I made a smaller necklace for her, but no earrings. I think she liked it!

And then the bridesmaids put their outfits together on the big day. I must say, the moonstones were a beautiful choice with the lovely blue shade of dress they wore.  {You can click on any of the pictures for a larger image}

And of course, no wedding story is complete without a picture of the bride on her big day. Katie wore a vintage necklace, from her grandmother, with her wedding dress.
Congratulations, Katie!!!

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