Friday, January 8, 2010

Being Pulled to Pieces

Now that the new year is here, my time is being pulling in more directions than ever. While this blog is devoted to my career as a jewelry designer, I have many other roles that I play (and those others actually pay the bills!).  On top of my full time job as a school psychologist, I also teach 4 fitness classes each week. This semester, I'm adding one more job on the pile. I'm teaching a college course as an adjunct professor {an education class for future teachers}.

{At this point, I'd also like to say that I have a very sweet and understanding husband who is about to be neglected for a few months. I couldn't do all this without him - I'd starve to death.}

I'm not putting this list together to brag. Or to make you feel sorry for me. But, I am going to organize my blogging, and hopefully become a bit more predictable. From now on, I will publish one new post each week. I will aim to make that happen each Sunday.

I'm picking quality over quantity, here!

So, you can look forward to brand new content each Sunday.  Thanks to everyone who stops by for understanding how these pesky jobs can get in the way of doing what we truly love! Do you have a hard time finding time for your craft? I bet there's a lot of people out there who knows what I mean. Please leave a comment for me, telling me how your time is split!

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  1. Between, my website, my blog, my facebook page, my twitter account and reading all my favorite blogs, it's a wonder I have time to take, much less edit any photographs. I TOTALLY understand what you're saying. However, I'm not as brave as you, promising to post once a week. :)


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