Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lust and Desire on Etsy

My secret lust on Etsy... browsing through the really high priced jewelry. This week I want to share some of the most amazing, gorgeous pieces that I have found there. This is enough to start my mouth watering and me fantasizing. Ah, whatI would create if price were no limit! It inspires me, and makes me dream.

Check out this amazing necklace, created by Katinka Pinka. It's a beautiful collection of lemon quartz, lemon topaz, citrine, and other luscious golden gems.

I love the colors in these earrings, found in Scarlett Shoppe. A rich combination of black spinel, iolite, amethyst and citrine are warm and lovely.

I found some beautiful treasures at Seafairies Jewelbox. Just look at this necklace, rich with smokey topaz, pink tourmaline, pink topaz, pink quartz, and other gorgeous gems.

Another amazing Etsy shop is Febra Rose. There were so many gorgous pieces to look through, and this bracelet was one that really caught my eye. It's full of rubies, along with gold vermeil.

This shop is full of the most gorgous jewelry - Sky Dreams. I just enjoy spending time gazing at these earrings. The ametirine is amazing, topped with sapphire and blue topaz.

Another fun and sparkle-filled shop is Kalliope Jewelry. I love these earrings, with dangles of sapphire, tourmaline, and garnet.
Finally, I just recently found this shop - Lee Ohio. Take a look at this necklace of Peruvian opals and saltwater keishi pearls.
I hope you enjoy looking, and check out some of the other amazing pieces of jewelry that these shops have, just waiting to be oggled!
Have you seen other sparkly shops that I might love?
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